The Trollface

What Is Trolling?Edit

Trolling is an Internet term used toTell about any Internet user Acting that is meant to anger or frustrate The Victim, not to be confused with CyberBullying, a Type of online harassment Towards  a Certain individual or Team in a deliberate and Mean manner, or Just pranking, which Usaully involves playing jokes on strangers for one’s Entertainment, but typically implies more coordination and Point


A Trollface is a drawing in black and white to show that the troller is trolling (If You Perhaps didn't Know What it was of course) Posting a Trollface image into a forum thread is often used to claim that someone was being fooled or intentionally angered
Minecraft Chest Trolling Griefing (INSANE Reactions)04:57

Minecraft Chest Trolling Griefing (INSANE Reactions)

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